We are fortunate to have a highly expert staff with a wide range of exeprience various disciplines of Natural Medicine and in nutrition.

Our Nutritionists are highly experienced with a wide range of credentials that they apply daily in recommending realistic approaches to nutrition and building a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to being educated experts in their respective fields, our staff are friendly, engaging and highly focused on delivering you the ultimate service experience.


Dan Tisi, Dietitian

Marcia Rodrigues, BIE

Vicky Hachey, RHN


Daniel K Tisi

R.D., M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate
Consulting Dietitian & Clinical Researcher

Dan is a Registered Dietitian who provides education, counselling and programs that focus on reaching your goals using epigenetics & evolutionary biology – based nutrition & lifestyle changes.

Dan’s philosophy strays from the norm of most Dietitians, he has researched, and developed and implemented lifestyle change programs for thousands of clients & over his 12 years’ experience he has seen the evidence shift away from the high carb, low fat, processed food approach towards a REAL FOOD approach. Because it is now clear that a Calorie is often NOT a Calorie.

Dan is both a Registered Dietitian who practices regularly & who is active in clinical health research (publications). He maintains a blog and podcast that he maintains with a fitness colleague.



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