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Ashley Amini, Bowen Therapy Student Practitioner

Ashley Amini Bowen Therapy Student Practitioner Musculoskeletal Alignment – Repetitive Strain Injuries - Chronic Pain and Fatigue – Insomnia – Baby Bowen – Fertility and Women’s Health

Ashley was first introduced into the holistic health world after her own struggles with endometriosis and her dissatisfaction with her conventional treatment propelled her to seek out alternative options. She found her passion in gentle holistic healing and went on to earn her degree in classical homeopathy in 2009.

She was first introduced to Bowen therapy as the “homeopathy of bodywork” and fell in love with it after seeing the technique in action and observing its healing potential. She sees Bowen Therapy as a holistic set of tools to eliminate many maintaining causes that limit the body’s healing capability.

Ashley’s philosophy is that no one should be defined or limited by their diagnosis or age because human bodies will always strive towards optimal health, if only given the opportunity and the appropriate tools.

Sometimes through the process of managing an illness, individuals come to feel that their bodies have betrayed them or that the body producing the symptoms is the enemy. Ashley thrives on bringing people back to feeling at home in their bodies and to go on to live their fullest, most joyful lives.

Ashley is fluent in both English and Persian.