Karen Karall
Karen Karall
Energy Healer

Karen has practiced Energy Medicine professionally for more than 7 years. Her gifts as a healer have allowed her to successfully treat and care for individuals suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, immune imbalances, digestive and muscular skeletal issues in addition to many other physical challenges.

She discovered Energy Medicine after being diagnosed with a debilitating case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. In 2006, after seven years of being sick and trying anything and everything she discovered a form of Energy Medicine that treated the body. Within a year she was able to use this form of healing to restore her body to perfect health - doctor certified perfect health.

Realizing the immense potential of healing with Energy Medicine she further pursued her study of Energy Medicine with the Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of Huna, Quantum Physics, A Course In Miracles, Integrated Energy Therapy, Ascension Integration and Reiki.

Her passion for Energy Medicine and the power of the Mind and Mindfulness in healing the physical, mental and emotional issues have driven her to develop a variety of workshops and mindfulness programs to teach others the power of their energetic nature and the immense impact it has upon improving the health of their bodies and minds.

Some testimonials...

I struggled with intense lower back pain for several years. A born skeptic, I sought out only conventional treatments and experienced temporary relief, if any. It was the pain that led me to open up to the possibility of trying an alternate method. After only one treatment, my back felt better. I had one additional treatment and six months later, the pain was gone.

S. C., Mother

I was referred to Karen, having experienced Energy Medicine before, it quickly became apparent that Karen's methods were significantly more effective. Not only did I feel immediate relief, but Karen taught me simple and effective practices that I could do on my own to enhance my healing. Healing which was addressing the source of the symptoms. Healing, as it has been explained to me, has stages. As I progress through them, I am thrilled with how much better I feel, physically and mentally. Physically, things that I could do before, but at times only with pain, such as walking up the stairs, are no longer painful. Mentally, I have "hope". This has all been without pain medication or supplements, which I'd relied on, and spent many thousands of dollars on.

D.C., Retired

I've been working with Karen for over a year now for my anxiety and panic attacks. Karen has helped become cognizant of the triggers of my anxiety and enabled me to take fear out of the episode and just breath through it. As a result, I feel much more empowered. She has given me the strength to cope with this disease and in turn, the better that I feel the less anxious and the more relaxed I am. Karen has given me the tools to take control of my life again. Meeting Karen was truly a life-changing experience!

M.P, Teacher