Rose Marie Mueller
Rose Marie Mueller

Rose Marie has had a successful career as a Registered Nurse both in her native Switzerland and in Ontario. Her extensive experience in mental health was followed by the position of Research Coordinator at the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Her passion for helping people help themselves in preventing and/or decreasing stress in their lives impelled her to study the Alternative Medical field. Her interests include: Yoga, Holistic nutrition, Reflexology, Crystal Energy, Shamanic Medicine Wheel, Ear Coning, Reiki, Basic Homeopathy, Pranic Healing, Tai-Chi and Ionic Foot cleanse. The "Subtle Energy" course at OISE University in Toronto marked the beginning of her work with Energy Therapy. Stress starts by producing an alarm response in the body, which will provoke symptoms, such as a headache. If the stress continues, the body will go into an adaptation stage, free of symptoms (Hans Selye scale 1935). A lack of symptoms is not a sign of health. We can have a disease and be symptom free. Stress produces erratic vibrations (energies) that lead to dis-harmony, followed by injury to tissue and eventually dis-ease.

Rose Marie acquired her qualification in Computerized Energy Medicine 20 years ago and continues to take upgrading classes on a regular basis. While Computerized Energy Therapy is not regulated in Canada yet, work is underway to change that.

Rose Marie loves all living things, the outdoors, her 2 dogs, 4 cats and her gardens.