Tracy Pan
Dr. Tracy Pan, ND, B.Sc.
Naturopathic Doctor, Practice Director

Dr. Tracy Pan, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor certified by The College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO), helping families work through everyday concerns such as school stress and anxiety, parenting challenges, sibling rivalry, immune support and skin concerns.

Dr. Tracy practises a mind-body approach to healing. Through the feel of her own pulse, she can understand what works and doesn't work well with your body and is able to access what your body wants us to know. There are no machines, and the treatment is performed in a very relaxed setting. Utilizing this method Dr. Tracy can determine which foods and/or supplements will be the most effective for you, as well as what you should avoid. Furthermore, by accessing this unique personalized information she can address the multiple layers that make up our deep-seated conditions and allow for true and authentic healing.

Most visits will include some form of counselling. Dr. Tracy has been further trained in Holistic Counselling, a form of counselling that considers our past and how it affects our physical bodies. In this approach, Dr. Tracy observes the dialogue and body cues that come with sharing our story. This experience is very helpful to break repetitive patterns and provide a guide as to how to release them. By re-framing old patterns and beliefs, Holistic Counselling and Dr. Tracy's pulse technique, supports your body's own awareness and allows it to release what's not currently serving you at this time.

This mind-body approach to healing is helpful to address the following concerns; Anxiety and Depression, Auto-immunity, Diabetes, Obesity, Hormonal Imbalances, Multiple Sclerosis, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Speech and Motor Delay, Night terrors and skin concerns. Strategies are provided with each visit and are encouraged to be integrated into your daily routine. These strategies include a variety of breathing exercises, visualizations, spiritual enlightenment and guided meditation. Are you ready to work with Dr. Tracy?

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