We are fortunate to have a highly expert staff with a wide range of exeprience various disciplines of Natural Medicine and in nutrition.

Our Nutritionists are highly experienced with a wide range of credentials that they apply daily in recommending realistic approaches to nutrition and building a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to being educated experts in their respective fields, our staff are friendly, engaging and highly focused on delivering you the ultimate service experience.


Dan Tisi, Dietitian

Marcia Rodrigues BIE

Vicky Hachey, RHN


Vicky J. Hachey RHN, BIE Therapist

Vicky J. Hachey has been passionate about nutrition and lifestyle wholeness for almost two decades. She uses this passion to educate and support her clients on a journey of wellness..

The greatest approach to a wholistic lifestyle starts from within. She realized early on that it is not trendy "diets", but a solid foundation in nutrition, that establishes a structure for lasting results.

Clients learn how to guide their own nutrition to suit their daily lives, while at the same time learning how and why new and nutritious foods will benefit them directly. Choices from foods or drinks consumed, to how much they are exercising, to how much sleep they receive, can directly affects their wellbeing. .

Vicky is a certified BIE practitioner, which uses direct energy onto specific points of the body to help bring balance to the body and alleviate food and environmental sensitivities and intolerances, such as plant pollens, grasses, wheat, dairy and so much more.

She is an honoured graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, continuing her education at the Institute of Natural Technology, and took on a few culinary nutrition courses in Toronto. Vicky loves running and climbing the escarpment stairs in Hamilton every chance she gets.

Vicky is available for "Lunch and Learns" or any nutritional workshop topic you can come up with.

It is about making EVERYDAY choices TODAY that will IMPACT your HEALTH for LIFE!

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